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Our directory of active bloggers have expressed an interested in sharing blog comments with other bloggers in their similar interest group.

You won't have to cold prospect any longer looking for people who may want to exchange links or comments with you. A BUSY BLOG WITH COMMENTS ATTRACTS MORE ATTENTION FROM PEOPLE AND SEARCH ENGINES
If your blog suffers from 0 comments you're probably frustrated by that. It's not an uncommon problem. There are many blogs out there, even the highest of quality ones, which don't get any comments.

The blog owner may spend alot of time researching and writing the blog, and not have enough time to get out and meet other blog owners of like interest. I've experienced that problem first hand!! Text Link Ads

Unlike other blog type directories, we don't show your links to non-members or to the search engines. The benefit of that is that we want our members to get to know each other on a more personal basis. Higher quality should lead to more exclusivity and personal treatment.

If you've ever been a member of a reciprocal links exchange site or system, you probably have linked to many other sites whom you didn't know and forgot very quickly after exchanging links with them.

It's important to us that you get to know the other members, and especially those with which you share like interests. We believe that the better you get to know the other members, the higher quality your commenting and links will become.

It's also important to know that if an HQL member has visited your site from a link they found here and starts a dialogue with you, you'll be fairly certain that they should be very interested in working with you to exchange comments etc. THIS SERVICE IS NOT AUTOMATED OR HIGH VOLUME
If you write a good quality blog, or other high quality content, you know that it takes time to research, write and edit your material. The more time spent on a product usually means that it's going to be more valuable to the reader.

The same can be said about developing relationships with other bloggers. Relationships and referrals via links take time to build and develop. We don't promote link development that can be automated and done by the thousands.

We do promote comments and links shared by people who are enthusiastic about sharing ideas to enhance their content and give their visitors more value. THIS DIRECTORY IS NOT FOR ONE SIDED SITE PROMOTION
If your intent is to sign up and get more traffic to your blog WITHOUT contributing to others, you'll probably get some short term traffic, but not much more. A non active site will likely become non-activated in our system.

If you are contributing to others' sites and blogs, the word will get out and you should generate some nice comments and traffic for your site/blog.

Always remember to tell a blog that you're commenting on that you found them in our directory. This will ensure that they will more than likely treat you as a friend when they see your comments on their blog.

By not mentioning where you learned about their blog, you run the risk of being treated as a "cold commenter". ie.. an unfamiliar person that they don't know.

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